Party Entertainment

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Candy floss machine – Supplied with 50 straws and coloured & flavored sugar mix for 50 servings – with operator (2.5 hours) or with operator (5 hours)

Popcorn machine – Supplied with oil, popcorn kernels, flavoring spices and brown paper bags – with operator (2.5 hours) or with operator (5 hours)

Slush Machine – 2 barrel – Supplied with 2x 10 liters of juice, 50 cups and straws

with operator (2.5 hours)  or (5 hours)- extra juice and cups -extra cost

Snow Machine – Supplied with 10 liters of snow mix (great for Frozen or Winter wonderland party)

Bubble Machine –  Provides enormous amounts of bubbles for kids of all ages to enjoy (includes bubble fluid)

Electronic ride on’s – Per set of two – Animals, planes, cars etc. No coins required, operated by push button.

Marie biscuit decorating : Marie’s, icing in colours, sweets and sprinkles, set on tables

Party Games and Water wars -1 and 1/2 hours of fun – A facilitator – playing old favorites with the kids : incl: hoola hoop competition, parachute, musical chairs, and others OR water gun and water balloon wars

Add- pass the parcel – all wrapped together for this fun game or individual prizes/child

dress up princess or  character – Plays fun children’s games.

Face Painter – 1 hour 30 minutes -Our expert face painter will transform the children into their favorite characters

Crafts with a facilitaor – 1 hour 30 min of  helping the kids create age appropriate crafts

Roaming Clown -1 hour 30 minutes – Our professional clown, The clowns balloon sculpting skills are fantastic.

Balloon Caricaturist – 1 hour 30 minutes – Balloon caricaturists/modelers. Swords, Tiara’s, animals….whatever …

Magician  – 30 min show – Suitable for children up to about age 10 yrs. – for lots of fun and laughs

Piñata- Any theme! Filled with sweets and toys

Invitation design – Electronic invite – custom design in any theme – for you to email pdf and WhatsApp

Piñata– Any theme! Filled with sweets and toys